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How to Run A Fullnode on United Chain

Fullnodes Functions

  • Stores the full blockchain history on disk and can answer the data request from the network.
  • Receives and validates the new blocks and transactions.
  • Verifies the states of every accounts.

Supported Platforms

We support running a full node on Mac OS Xand Linux.

Suggested Requirements


  • VPS running recent versions of Mac OS X or Linux.
  • 4 cores of CPU and 8 gigabytes of memory (RAM).
  • A broadband Internet connection with upload/download speeds of 5 megabyte per second

Steps to Run a Full Node

Download unitedchain_mainnet.json and static-nodes.json from


Make node folder

mkdir node

Initialize the Node

./geth --datadir ./node init unitedchain_mainnet.json

Copy the static-nodes.json to node/geth

Run the Nodes

./geth -snapshot=false --datadir node --syncmode 'full' --gcmode=archive   --port 40605 --http --http.port 3545 --http.api 'personal,eth,net,web3,personal,admin,miner,txpool,debug,clique' --bootnodes enode://fd813a9ff64a962216f45b3a4a02b3c49bb16c52d5ca12f9a6f19a9d5e85f8999c1066cd57812be632116cab48cbb4236980e6d956733b61bb3c0e9cdcb8455a@ --networkid 4152 --ws --ws.api "personal,clique,eth,net,web3,personal,admin,miner,txpool,debug" --ws.port 3546"*" --ws.addr --allow-insecure-unlock